We are focused on the conservation of our precious New Zealand Environment. As a pillar of culture and tourism, we feel the Environment is one of our greatest assets. We believe that funding is best put to use, when invested in objective solutions, with achievable targets, rather than simply purchasing Carbon Credits, and observing pseudoscience which offer no solution.

We support policy which ensures that we- as New Zealanders- are seen and heard to the fullest extent in Parliament, and Legislation. This includes the implementation of Binding Citizens Initiated Referendum, whereby the Law is a direct representation of what our society desires. This will emulate exactly what it means to be a 'Democratic Society'. 

We are Pro-Life, in every meaning of the word; we advocate for the protection of all those vulnerable from the earliest to latter life. We are the only political entity who both openly oppose the decriminalization of abortion, and euthanasia/assisted-suicide. We rather emphasize showing care and support for those in need, by increasing funding for prenatal, postnatal, and palliative care. 








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