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Questions & Answers

Here you'll find a list of Questions, received through our social media channels. These are common objections to what we believe, or simply clarifications of. Below, you'll find the Answers needed to get a clearer picture of what Young Conservative believes.

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6th, July 2018

- Matthew F.

Via FB

Can you explain how you are pro individual liberty but against someone choosing to end their own life?

The term 'conservatarianism', may be of use. Young Conservative is not solely a 'libertarian' entity- but an entity primarily led by a socially conservative moral doctrine. It is in the confluence, in which we believe. That is to say, 'we believe in individual liberty, within reason and morality'; we are 'conservatarian'.

Regarding the issue of 'suicide'- a very personal, emotional, and visceral issue- we believe that the culminating factors of suicide (often mental health), can be controlled. We believe in more support and service for those suffering in this area- yet, because we can help them, and we have hope for them, it is therefore not within reason nor morality to liberalize suicide. It is within better reason and morality to instead provide for victims.

26th, June 2018

-Oscar T.

Via FB

How can conservatism, being an ideology that supports order and structure, be in support of liberty?

Certainly, it'd be easy to claim proponents of an ideology, as being inconsistent. However, inconsistent to what standard? To what moral, supposedly objective, standard of 'hypocrisy' do you hold them accountable? Is it solely by your standards which they are accountable to? For one to claim inconsistency, they would first have to establish an objective standard, and adhere to it- rather than to presuppose it.

Less easy, however, for you to try and hold a political party to said standard. Political parties are, in fact, entitled to deviate from an ideology. They have no obligation to remain 'true' to one particular ideology. That being why we have parties like, say, ACT. While they are fiscally conservative, so too, they should be socially conservative- as they are naturally interdependent. Yet, they do have the right to determine their own stances, and deviate from a presupposed standard; as have New Conservative.

26th, June 2018

- Oscar T. 

Via FB

Claims to be conservative, but supports “individual liberty”, seems to be mild contradiction ?

It'd be a common misnomer to use "individual liberty" and 'anarchism' as interchangeable terms.
While one advocates for personal autonomy, within reason and legality (determined by the objective), the other might advocate for personal autonomy without legality, or 'unjustified authority'. The closest a conservative might be to anarchism, would be a moderate 'bourgeois anarchy'.

Therefore, to be a conservative who adheres to individual liberty, is no contradiction.