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A Guide to Writing an Article for YC LIVE

YC LIVE is an online publication and a platform for Members of New Conservative and Young Conservative (its’ youth wing) to provide written argument, philosophy, news or encouragement to its’ readers. As such, the scope of this publication is very broad, however pertinence is appreciated towards ‘social’ or ‘fiscal’ conservatism.


The following is a guide to writing articles for submission to YC LIVE. You can send your submissions to the Editor at, with the subject line 'Article for YC LIVE'. If you have not yet written an article, but have an interest, you may pitch your idea to the same address- which we can help you develop.


Content: Although regularly of political nature, the content of articles are to be presented in the most objective way possible. There is leniency if authors write perspective pieces, but this must be made clear. Facts, figures, and statistics must be presented in all articles, wherever relevant and needed.


Word Count: The length of each article should not exceed 1200-1500 words (approx. 9-11 minutes of reading). Preference is given to articles of 500-800 words (approx 5 minutes worth of reading), as these concise articles are more likely to be read. However, consideration will be given to articles which exceed these limits.


Quotes: Quotes are to be provided verbatim (word-for-word; exactly as said), with appropriate references. While, omissions must be marked with ellipsis. Primary sources are preferred, but secondary sources will be accepted if highlighted. An orators misspeaking (incorrect use of jargon, grammar or spelling) must also be marked with [sic]. Additional words, after thoughts, or explanations must be represented in square brackets [ ]. URLs will also be accepted as reference.


Links: Authors may include links in their articles. Links are to be explicitly relevant to the article. These links, however, are not to be for the supplementing of explanation. Authors are to explain ideas and terms themselves, but may use links to external sources for establishing context (if required). Videos must be sent separately to accompany articles, which will then be embedded.


Images: Any use of graphics should come from appropriate sources. Graphics need to be clear crisp, and illustrating a relevant feature of the article. Copyright ownership for all graphics used must be specified, and permissions are to be given in writing, or used in good faith. The use of images are encouraged, but click-bait is not preferred.


Biography: An author’s bio is to be included with each article. If you would like to be published anonymously, then please submit a pseudonym/nom-de-plume, please indicate and ask explicitly for the pseudonym to be featured. The bio should consist of the following:


  • Name, Age, City

  • Current or past studies/education (if any), and current occupation (non-specified)

  • How you came to know about YC, and how you got involved

  • At least one interesting fact about you, which could include-

  • Any accolades you may like to list


Please note that there is no guarantee that an article will be published, however Members are entitled to at least one (of many) articles published.


Articles following this guideline will be given more consideration.