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EVENT: Free Speech Protest

From Right Minds NZ:

Auckland | Wellington | Christchurch

Saturday, 14th July 2018


- Jordan William, Free Speech Coalition - Stephen Berry, of ACT - Elliot Ilikei, deputy leader of New Conservative - Donald McKenzie - Chris Newman - Dieuwe de Boer (organiser)

A few weeks back, we were hoping to have an event calling for Tommy Robinson to be released and for free speech to be defended by the United Kingdom. That, we thought, would be the best bulwark against having our own free speech eroded. Following the banning of conservative speakers Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux, that is sadly no longer true. This event has been broadened to defend free speech in New Zealand. We are calling on the Auckland Council to allow equal access to rate-payer funded venues and we are also calling on Immigration NZ to approve Lauren's VISA.

We'll be meeting from 11am. Paid parking is available in the Civic Car Park below ground. Public transport is available near by. In case of bad weather, alternative plans in the same vicinity will be posted on this page on the morning.

We need to stop the persecution of free speech throughout the western world, from the United Kingdom to right here in New Zealand.

Free speech cannot be silenced.

Official updates on the status of Stefan and Lauren's visit to NZ are available from: Axiomatic and Right Minds NZ. Official updates on Tommy's condition are available from: Tommy Robinson.

If you have not done so already, please sign the petitions for Lauren and also for Tommy:

Read about the Stefan and Lauren event cancellation here: Read about the Auckland June 9th demonstration here:

Link to Wellington event: Link to Christchurch event:



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