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FREE SPEECH Protest: Elliot Ikilei

Elliot Ikilei - Deputy Leader, New Conservative - Orating at the Free Speech Protest, 2018.

"Ka tangi te titi, Ka tangi te tata, Ka tangi hoki ko ahau, Tihei Mauri Ora!

Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Luther, and Benazir Bhutto, wonderful people who spoke Free Speech out. Wonderful people who were persecuted for their speaking ability, and people who were shouted down, and attacked, and in some cases killed for engaging for Free Speech.

This is the very nature of Free Speech; one of the wonderful things that we have about Free Speech- is first we must define it, in order to value it. In order to value it, we must define it and I would say this: ‘how do we define Free Speech’?

Do we define it as a transaction- a transactional right? You could argue that is the case. My grandfathers, your grandfathers, your people, fought in a war to defend against the conformity of ideology. We fought a war against being forced to accept the belief that is not Freedom. Then we must step-up and defend what our grandparents, our parents defended. Their legacy must be protected for the future of our grandchildren. For that Freedom.

Is it a set of laws that exist? You could make an argument for those set of laws, also. But, we have seen such an amount of the changing of laws in order to suit those who wish to force us to accept ideology. The Charities Commision, have shut down the charitable status of Family First and Greenpeace and even if we do not agree with them- they used to be able to access wonderful opportunities to engage in Free Speech. The Government has now tried to shaven that down. We also have in our city Phil Goff, who is engaging in a fascist ideology, of telling you who you are allowed to hear from, who is allowed to speak. Frederick Douglass - the great slave who escaped and became a great intellectual orator - said “shutting down Free Speech hurts both the speaker, and the hearer”.

I say, that we are a people of Freedom and Fairness and we must stand together. Because, the freedom that we have to speak, was paid for by our brothers and sisters, our parents, our grandparents who fought in a great war. I say to Phil Goff, don’t you dare tell me what I am allowed to hear, what I am allowed to think- I’ll make my own decisions! We are not your serfs, we do not follow you, you are our employee, those are our venues, we all pay rates!

I would also say that, from the youngest New Zealander to the Oldest New Zealand Centenarian, we know what Free Speech is, because we have had that Freedom installed and payed for in blood.

So, perhaps the greatest thing is not to define Free Speech by what we have, but by what we are witnessing is being lost.

So, we will stand for Free Speech until we die. And that’s how it is. And that’s how New Zealand is.

God Bless You. God Bless New Zealand!"




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