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The Wrong Answer

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

By Jared Luke

A famous Sociology experiment called ‘The Asch Conformity Experiment’ tested how a group opinion can influence an individual to knowingly give a wrong answer.

The experiment went roughly like this:

A group of 7 males were assembled in a room, at Swarthmore College, US; all but one, were in on the experiment (only one was being tested).

The participants were shown two cards with lines of various lengths, and they were asked to indicate which line most closely matched one another in length. The answer was a fairly obvious one, because less than 1% of people in the control group actually genuinely got the wrong answer.

As they went around the room, the members in on the experiment purposefully gave the wrong answer. When it was the turn of the actual test subject, he gave the same answer that everyone else did.

32% of participants conformed to the majority view, and 75% of participants conformed at least once, deliberately giving the wrong answer... Why? There were no consequences for being honest. It’s not a contentious issue, nobody was going to be put in disrepute, neither would anyone have written nationwide articles about your bad opinion.

It was just a simple length of a line.

The test subjects later said that they gave the wrong answer because either: 1. They didn’t want to be different, 2. They didn’t want to be seen as being wrong, or 3. They assumed they must be wrong because everyone else saying the same thing.

The Asch Conformity Experiment was conducted in 1951 - 67 years ago - and yet, the implications are so evidently relevant today.

From a broader societal point of view if you have an unpopular opinion, no matter how right you are, or even if you have empirical scientific evidence to back it up, there’s a 32% chance you won’t speak the truth in order to merely ‘fit in’.

We have seen this tactic used to a great effect recently, and it will have massive repercussions across the conservative sphere.

Israel Folau spoke from his heart, in response to a question directed at him and he voiced a politically incorrect opinion. He confessed a mundane view; what happened to him was 6 weeks of relentless bullying at the hands of the Media. They claimed he should be a role model, and no role model should dare to think differently to the rest of the group. This is ‘groupthink’; in all its' rotten glory.

Furthermore, we witnessed this crusade when Kanye West dared to think and speak for himself. He began listening to inspiring, articulate and intelligent free thinkers such as Candace Owens and Jordan Peterson. He suddenly had the “wrong” opinion, and he expressed it clumsily.

The Left mocked him brutally via their favourite method, public shaming, and creating the false impression he was alone in his ‘archaic’ views.

Writers intimated he was a traitor to all black people. Laying out the expectation that he is to adhere to certain beliefs because of his skin colour. Welcome to the hideous world of Identity Politics. Dividing people instead of bringing people together.

This has the potential to become a dishonest and destructive structure in our society. Imagine, you could have twenty people in a room, everyone is towing the official line, whilst secretly disagreeing with it. Every individual is sitting there in silence, believing that the other nineteen all believe something, and thus they should say the same thing too, out of fear. All other nineteen people are doing the same.

The news media can be very powerful force of manipulation, giving the impression of a widely held belief, that simply is not the case.

While not implying a global leftist conspiracy, the reality is that modern, New Zealand journalists tend to be indoctrinated with Marxist ideologies at left-wing dominated Universities. Their own jobs are on the line if they dare to question the narrative that everyone else is spouting off.

We’ve all seen how tolerant the ‘tolerance and diversity’ brigade really are, when you dare to be diverse.

The 6 week tirade of hate against Folau, and West served as a warning to all readers, that if they dare to speak the truth, they could become the target of hundreds of hate filled opinion articles. They could have their jobs or businesses threatened, and their reputation smeared.

Every social conservative in this country, now, knows exactly what happens to those who don’t say what everybody else is saying. Or, at least, what the media gives the appearance that everybody else is saying.

People are tricked into believing that there is a widely held view, are coerced into silence, and become afraid to be different to the rest of the sheep. They will think twice before daring to be unique…

The Appeal to Popularity Fallacy is a common tool in the liberal journalists’ toolbox. It’s controlling, manipulative and designed to marginalise you as a relic from the past, as they imply that the majority view has shifted and you’re living in the past, therefore, you must conform. Folau and West chose not to conform to the will of the group, and thus were shunned, reputations ruined, and careers threatened. They dared to think differently from the prescribed group narrative, and thus their free thoughts were perceived as dangerous. This rhetoric is everywhere. At work, university, clubs, organisations, and in the media.

Conservatives are constantly under pressure to conform and tow the official line.

Life is one huge Asch Conformity Experiment. Will you knowingly conform, to please the group ?


Asch Conformity Experiment -



Jared is an Engineering Technician, in Nelson. He was motivated to join New Conservative when he realized that both social and fiscally progressive ideologies aimed to work against and reverse all that has made this country successful; he was reluctant to get involved in the political sphere, but felt a duty to. Outside of politics, he enjoys wildlife - having had several near death experiences with wild animals overseas. In his spare time, he builds radio controlled gliders, hunts deer and has been known savor the taste of craft beer. ________________________________________________________________________


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